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a learning environment where the students’ innate sense of wonder is unhindered. Their natural intrinsic abilities to explore and learn through nature and other means is enabled. Importance and respect given to their individualism and creative abilities rather than confirming to only “accepted” norms.

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that is stimulating and includes learning and development in a spontaneous manner individually and in groups on a farm and other natural settings & using tools in practical sessionsat school. Appreciation of the inter-connectedness in the world; importance of co-existence – humanity, nature, resources, work, etc. and understand the purpose of life.

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for the age groups as appropriate, focusing in the planes of development – 3 to 6 years, 6 years to 9 years, 9 to 12 years and 12 to 16 years and beyond. The materials and the various tools used will assist the students in gaining a holistic understanding of the various subjects not is silos, but its interconnectedness as in real-world.

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are catalysts who engage, enable the environment and the adra students directly and indirectly. Emphasis is on collaborative way of learning, where even the adra teachers retain their sense of wonder and learn from the students each day. They take pride and honour and see this as an opportunity for betterment of mankind and change which only the children can bring in.

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Come to the best preschool in bangalore for formative & experiential learning.

At Adra Montessori school environment children are treated with respect.

For the children from age group 3+ to 9 years Adra preschool in bangalore, facilitates learning through experience and practical real-life application.