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Our philosophy

Learning...  retain the sense of wonder and curiosity while in pursuit of knowledge, and apply it for betterment of humanity.  
Respect and dignity...    Understanding the importance and role of all the citizens of the world and connectedness with the environment we learn and work in.      

Integrity...  Uncompromising in character, wherein any academic achievements without it becomes irrelevant.  

Collaboration...  and interdependence to achieve individual excellence and be integral part of the learning, family, and community development.   

PRESCHOOL [ Children of Age 3 years to 6 years ]

Our core approach

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PRESCHOOL [ Children of Age 3 years to 6 years ]

Method: Montessori Principles and Methodology click here.

Toddler Program 2+ years onwards New admissions join in the 1st week of every month
- subject to seat availability 
MI (Montessori Year I) 3+ years onwards
MI (Montessori Year II) 4+ years onwards
MI (Montessori Year III) 5+ years onwards

For ​Admissions procedure and dates for MONTESSORI Program please click here

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  • Language acquisition [creative writing, forming and articulating opinions] 
  •  Language – literature and poetry, elocution, extempore 
  •  Science – physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science 
  •  Mathematics 
  •  Social studies 
  •  History and Geography 
  •  Classical arts – creatives, music, singing 
  •  Culture
  •  Learning from Nature(environment) and Farming activities 
  •  Additional languages – Hindi, Kannada 
  •  Learning through community initiatives   
  •  Sports and games 
  •  Indoor games 
  •  Physical & Health education / Community health 
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  • Age 3 to 6 years
  •  Creative, reflective thinkers 
  •  Context based learning. Ability to apply to real-life uses and situations.
  •  Development of the sense of self 
  •   Appreciate varied cultures of the world and the differences

Our philosophy and vision combined culminates in having the best Preschool in Bangalore.

Our students and staff comes first in the Preschool and Montessori Environment.

For the children from three years onwards Adra Preschool in bangalore, learning is facilitated through integrated learning approach.