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Montessori Methodology( Age 3 to 6 )

1. Exercises of Practical life (EPL)
  • These activities in the “prepared environment” that are part of day-to-day life, using natural real-life objects enhances the child’s level of independence, develop habits of personal involvement, concentration and perseverance thus bringing in the integration of body & mind to function together and complete any task.
2. Sensorial Stimuli
  • Every child has an inner need to actively gather sensorial impressions. We facilitate and enhance the experience through thoughtful choice of scientifically designed Montessori equipments.
  • Each of the sensorial materials along with the growing intelligence helps develop each of the senses to classify size, dimensions, textures, weight, form, etc. with a keen sense of discernment and intelligence. This in turn gives a solid base of facts to develop a more articulate use of language and a keener mind for mathematics and sciences.
3. Language
  • Preparatory exercises first on a verbal or pre-reading level, followed by both physical and mental preparation for writing and reading.
  • Phonetics-learning phonetically helps the child to identify the sound and spell correctly.
  • Analysis of sounds in words and word building.
  • At a later stage activities for enrichment of vocabulary, refinement of pronunciation, and writing skills.
4. Arithematic
  • Introduction to activities that lead the child to explore and discover numbers as names of quantities and the symbols that represent them.
  • Fundamentals with numbers and quantity counting. Association of symbols to quantity, traditional names, introduction to decimal system and basic arithmetic operations application.
5. Social & Culture
  • Activities include those in the realm of history, geography, physical & natural science, general knowledge. Developing a healthy attitude, etiquette, and responsibility.

Our core approach

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Grade 1 to 3 – Age 6+ years to 9+ years Montessori primary group

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The children at Adra preschool start here with the 5 great stories. The learning happens with meaningful context and they happen through several mediums and activities and not just one source like a text book. Field trips, physical activities, sports, team thinking are integrated into these, and not done in a siloed manner in bits and pieces.

The children will have choices and can pursue their interests at greater depths. They will get to know the various aspects of Language, Mathematics, ‘The World of Plants’ ( Botany), ‘The World of Animals’ (Zoology), ‘The world of Man’ (Anthropology and History), The Visual Arts, Music and ‘The World Itself’ (Human and Physical Geography). One subject overlaps and flows into others as in real life and the Adra preschool in bangalore primary environment, materials and the certified teachers work as catalyst in the transformation in the children.

True development in the children happens when we allow them space to make mistakes and ability to learn from it, relating to other members in the society – school, neighbors, families leading to more balanced emotional development. Culturally the children develop grace and curtesy and social niceties. They are involved in various events and learn the significance and historical importance of festivals.

We provide the freedom to explore new ideas and experiment.

A preschool in Bangalore for you to come and experience.

Well rooted in human ethos with strong emphasis on culture and spritual growth apart from academics.