Leading your child into a
world of possibilities

More than a school, its the beginning of a beautiful story

Experience the
transformation of your child

To a confident, independent thinker
through Adra's experiental

We provide an enriching
environment to fully develop
your child's potential.

Adra is More than a school, its a journey towards learning.

adra daycare centre in horamavu

Our Approach

adra preschool horamavu bangalore

Toddler Program

2 - 3 Years

adra toddler program horamavu

Our toddler program, based on the Montessori philosophy offers a rich learning environment with scientifically designed materials.

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Montessori I

3 - 4 Years

At this stage emphasizes a child-centered approach, allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace while providing a prepared environment with age-appropriate materials.

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Montessori II

4 - 5 Years

at this stage continues to prioritize individualized learning and hands-on experience.

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Montessori III

5 - 6 Years

As a continuation from the previous group special emphasis is provided for language and introduction to kannada and hindi.

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Grade 1 to 3

6 - 10 Years

The Adra school children at this stage develop abstract level thinking ability. . The teacher serves as a facilitator, providing support and facilitating the child's intellectual and social development.

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