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Adra School - News & Views

  • Farm excursion

July 7 and 8th 2024

The Adra montessori school primary group children went on a two day farm trip to Kolar. As part of the academics they learnt first-hand about natural forestry, observed and studied how Sandal Wood tree saplings & trees grow naturally. They learnt about progression of flowering and fruiting of Cherry Guava, Pomegranate, Mango, Gooseberry, Jamun, and Ramphal trees. During the morning walk they came across around 18 bird species. Some of which could be viewed at a very close range including the Grey bellied Cuckoos, Black Drongo, Mynas, and Peacocks. The children were fortunate to see two bird nests in close range as well. The common Pochard bird nests will not be in the trees, but in bushes at the ground level close to water bodies. After the walk since there were many varieties for breakfast, they wanted to try out everything. The Adra school children also planted saplings which grows naturally with minimal care. In August they will be coming to observe the growth. The nature was so stimulating that their imagination were high playing various games where they used the names of the rivers they knew, directions of the river from where it flowed, and mountains they were aware. They have started to learn about the concept of distance. There was so much greenery that children did not use the sports equipment, however used the materials around them in nature to play. Exploring around they were so fascinated discovering various shapes of twigs and sticks. There was singing and dancing, and were self-entertaining that no external gadgets were required. We spotted Turtles, Mongoose, various kinds of butterflies as well during the walks.

  • School Annual Day

Mar 6th 2024

The children put up a stellar show and there was great enthusiasm with the events ranging from Indian classical Bhartanatyam dance, Fishermans number to Drama and Magic show. It was more of a spontaneous performance where children expressed themselves than being stage managed. Many of the parents and teachers were recognized for their contribution to the school exhibition conducted earlier in the month.

  • Field trip to farm and pet zoo

Feb 2024

Pony rides and domestic animals feeding and petting were the order of the day when the children went on a lunch picnic. They had quite an experience with birds, farm animals and reptiles. The children raised all kinds of inquistive questions which the facilitators found challenging to keep up with.

  • Mumbai Excursion and Study tour

Oct 4th to 8th 2023

The students visited the Nehru Science Museum & Planatarium in Mumbai and participated in science shows and workshops. The highlight of the journey was the evening visit to the Seaport and dockyard. They had a first hand experience by interacting with dockhands and got a perspective of the importance of sea ports in transporting goods and people across the world.
The adra preschool in bangalore children learnt about indian history with visits to the Gateway of India, and Elephanta caves. Historical appreciation with Numismatics were the order of the day paying a visit to the RBI monetary museum as well. The entire journey was a eye opener for the children of the adra school. The journey was capped with a trekking trip to Kanheri caves.

  • Activities for Children and Parents in Bangalore

Sept 2023

Adra preschool in Bangalore is hosting activities for children and all adults, on 1st and 4th Saturdays of every month. Please contact Whatsapp no: +91 96635 21112 for more details. Activities include Janur Arts, Mindfulness - Mom and me programs, Vegetable carvings, Parenting workshops, etc. These programs are conducted in the Adra preschool horamavu location.

  • Program by Children

July 1st 2023

The children demonstrated various activities for parents like Exercises of Practical Life, Geography - Identification of all the states of India, Arithmatic - addition of large quantities. Parents had an oppurtunity to share their experiences and learning with the upbringing of children. The montessori philosophy and methodology dwelled in a detailed manner with the parents.

  • Excursion

April 2023

The older Adra school children went on a 3 day trip to Chennai and had a memorable and joyous time in the Crocodile Bank. There was a "show and tell session" with various reptiles, crocodiles viewing, etc. They also visited the Rail Museum for a toy train ride. Subseqeuntly visited the Guindy national park to see the spotted deers and various flora and fauna. Horse stable visit with pony rides were part of the program and feeding the horses with carrots. They got to know about the life cycle of olive ridley turtles, and their habits. For many children it was a first time experience on a train journey.

  • Sports Day

March 3, 2023

Children participated in events like Sprint relay, Group demonstrations with flags, and individual games. Parents were also eagar participants in some of the events and presented to certificates and medals.

  • Excursion to Avani hills

Nov 14, 2022

The children of Grade I to III went on trekking, and farm exploration walks in Avani hills and stayed over. They spent their late evenings playing games and participating in drama and enacting. It was a revelation for many coming across different types of trees and viewing birds.

The younger Montessori group children of Adra School in horamavu and kasturi nagar went for a nature walk in the park near hennur.

  • Enacting

July 23, 2022

The children enacted a dance drama in kannada. They participated with enthusiasm, and the purpose was being creative, thought provoking apart from language development.

The parents could experience first hand how the Adra school – philosophy, methodology, mentors together could facilitate the various developmental and innate needs of the children, in a spontaneous manner.

It is just important for all of us as adults in any environment not to suppress this spontaneity across all aspects when they grow, especially during this stage of development.

Children showed that they are naturally multi-lingual and adaptive. Parents were creative using the resources available at home; they had dressed their children in beautiful attire to match the characters. This is keeping in mind our community objective.

  • Enacting - Performance by children of Grade I to III

May 7, 2022

For the parents, this drama will provide an insight on how the children do work in a typical day-to-day Adra school environment and where the curiosity, thinking, independence happens naturally and is not simulated from outside.

  • Yakshagana

Jan 2022

This program through Dance and Story narration was started for the students to have a positive impact on their body and mind. They will develop self-realization of their own strength and health-wise gain better immunity. It is also part of the summer camp program planned for 2023.